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Grill fired pottery

Rescued a thrown out Weber charcoal grill a while back and tried using it to fire some wheel thrown greenware. It is supposed to be similar to pit firing without needing to dig a trench. Progress shots below. I tried some thicker walled pieces (1/2+ inch) and thinner walled ones (~1/4 inch). The clay bodiesContinue reading “Grill fired pottery”

RAP/ROAM/NARM Reciprocal Membership Map

A number of gardens and museums provide “family” level memberships which come with a reciprocal membership benefit that provides access to a set of other garden/museum institutions. RAP, ROAM, and NARM are three such reciprocal membership programs. I was a bit frustrated by the tooling/materials provided for seeing the qualifying institutions. The respective program websitesContinue reading “RAP/ROAM/NARM Reciprocal Membership Map”

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