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BirdNET is a project that provides automated detection and identification of bird species from bird sounds. A Shazam for birds. And, when linked with Flickr, I get to see an image of how the species looks whenever a bird is identified. I’ve had a BirdNET station running for a few months now. It was quick…

Race Report: 2022 McDowell Mountain Frenzy 50 mile

Last week in Phoenix, AZ, I ran my first 50 mile race with friends and support from our loved ones. The race was the McDowell Mountain Frenzy put on by AravaipaRunning. Part of their desert race series. Coming into race week, I felt undertrained in part due to some hip and knee pain that limited…

Denali Expedition 2018: a very late retrospective

About 5 years ago my friend Jason raised the idea of training toward the goal of climbing Denali, North America’s tallest mountain. At the time our experience amounted to a few weekend mountaineering trips to Mt Shasta. Going from that to a 3 week long expedition sounded like a huge hurdle to overcome. Nonetheless without…

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