Grill fired pottery

Rescued a thrown out Weber charcoal grill a while back and tried using it to fire some wheel thrown greenware. It is supposed to be similar to pit firing without needing to dig a trench. Progress shots below. I tried some thicker walled pieces (1/2+ inch) and thinner walled ones (~1/4 inch). The clay bodies were b-mix. Initially kept all the pieces on the grill grate to warm up before nestling them among the coals. The thicker pieces heated up too quickly and blew. The thinner walled pieces vitrified well enough. I washed them off in water and they didn’t dissolve. Oddly there were a couple weak surface patches on them that flaked off.

Overall hesitant to try again as I lost half the pieces and the process created a lot of smoke. Interested to try with a campfire instead and with different combustibles to get color variations.

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